Chile vs Avery Dennison Chile S.A., March 2021, Tax Court, Case N° RUT°96.721.090-0

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The US group, Avery Dennison, manufactures and distributes labelling and packaging materials in more than 50 countries around the world.

The remuneration of the distribution and marketing activities performed Avery Dennison Chile S.A. had been determined to be at arm’s length by application of a “full range” analysis.

Furthermore, surplus capital from the local company had been placed at the group’s financial centre in Luxembourg, Avery Management KGAA, at an interest rate of 0,79% (12-month Libor).

According the tax authorities in Chile the remuneration of the local company had not been at arm’s length, and the interest rate paid by the related party in Luxembourg had been to low.

Judgement of the Tax Tribunal

The Tribunal decided in favour of Avery Dennison Chile S.A.

“Hence, the Respondent [tax authorities] failed to prove its allegations that the marketing operations carried out by the taxpayer during the 2012 business year with related parties not domiciled or resident in Chile do not conform to normal market prices between unrelated parties..”

Although the OECD Guidelines recommend the use of the interquartile range as a reliable statistical tool (point 3.57), or, in cases of selection of the most appropriate point of the range “the median” (point 3.61), its application is not mandatory in the national tax administration…”

“the Claimant [taxpayer]carried out two financing operations with its related company Avery Management KGAA, domiciled in Luxembourg, which contains one of the treasury centres of the “Avery Dennison” conglomerate, where the taxpayer granted two loans for US $3.200.000.- in 2010 and another for US $1.1000.000.- in 2011.”

“In relation to the financial transactions, the transfer pricing methodology used and the interests agreed by the plaintiff have been confirmed.
Consequently, Assessment No. 210, dated 30 August 2016, should be annulled and, consequently, this Tax and Customs Court will uphold the claim presented in these proceedings.


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CH vs Avery Dennison 16-9-0001493-0


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