Countries: Finland

Finnish TP-Legislation updated to include non-recognition and recharacterisation


Effective as of 1. January 2022 Finnish Transfer Pricing legislation has been updated to align the rules with the OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines in regards to non-recognition and recharacterisation. Going forward the arm’s length provision in the Tax Procedure Act, section 31, will include the possibility for non-recognition and recharacterisation which according to Finnish Case […]

Finland vs A Oy, April 2020, Supreme Administrative Court, Case No. KHO:2020:34


A Oy had operated as the marketing and sales company of an international group in Finland. With the exception of 2008, the company’s operations had been unprofitable in 2003-2011, while at the same time the Group’s operations had been profitable overall. A Oy had purchased the products from the contract manufacturers belonging to the group. […]

Finland vs Borealis OY, March 2019, Administrative Court, Decisions not yet published

On 19 March 2019, the Helsinki Administrative Court issued two decisions in a tax dispute between the Finnish tax authorities and Borealis Polymers Oy and Borealis Technology Oy. The decisions have not been published. Borealis Polymers Oy and Borealis Technology Oy are subsidiaries of Borealis AG. The Austrian Group is a leading provider of polyolefin […]

Finland vs A Group, December 2018, Supreme Administrative Court, Case No. KHO:2018:173


During fiscal years 2006–2008, A-Group had been manufacturing and selling products in the construction industry – insulation and other building components. License fees received by the parent company A OY from the manufacturing companies had been determined by application of the CUP method. The remuneration of the sales companies in the group had been determined […]

Finland vs Loss Corp, December 2017, Administrative Court, Case no 17/0979/4


The Finnish tax authorities had made a transfer pricing adjustment to a Finnish marketing and sales subsidiary with continuous losses. The tax authorities had identified a “hidden” services transaction between the Finnish subsidiary and an unidentified foreign group company. The Administrative Court ruled in favor of the tax authorities. The adjustment was not considered by […]

Finland vs Corp, September 2017, HFD:2017:145


Ruling by the Finnish Supreme Administrative Court on enterprise resource planning and intra-group services arrangements. A Oyj had provided its subsidiaries with supply chain services, marketing and brand management services as well as personnel and computer services. The services offered by A Plc mainly consisted in the coordination and harmonization of the Group’s operations. A’s […]