India vs. Quark Systems Pvt. Ltd. Oct 2014, ITA No.282

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Quark Systems Pvt. is engaged in providing customer support services on behalf of the Quark Group. TNMM had been applied as the most appropriate method for determining arm’s length income.

In an audit, the tax administration rejected one of the companies selected as a comparable on the basis that it was in a start-up and had losses for consecutive years.

Quark Systems argued that once functional comparability is established, the comparable should not be rejected on grounds such as start-up phase. Quark also argued for rejection of a high-margin comparable on the basis that the company had significant controlled transactions.

The Appellate Tribunal upheld the need for a proper functional analysis of the tested party and the comparables in determination of ALP and objected to the selection of comparables merely on the basis of business classification provided in the database.

The case was returned to the tax administration

India vs Quark Systems Pvt Ltd No 1 2012

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