Indonesia vs “Asian Agri Group”, December 2012, Supreme Court, Case No. 2239 K/PID.SUS/2012

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This case is about extensive tax evasion set up by the tax manager of the Asian Agri Group.

According to the tax authorities income from export sales had been manipulated. Products were sent directly to the end buyer, whereas the invoices recorded that the products were first sold to companies in Hong Kong and then sold to a company in Macau or the British Virgin Islands before they were finally sold to the end buyer. The intermediary companies were proven to have been used only for the purpose of lowering the taxable income by under-invoicing the sales prices compared to the sales price to the end buyer. Various fees had also been deducted from the companies income to further lower the tax payment. These included a “Jakarta fee”, a Hedging fee and a Management fee.

Judgement of the Supreme Court

The court ruled that the tax manager was guilty of submitting an incorrect or incomplete tax return. On that basis the tax manager was sentenced to a probationary imprisonment for two years on condition that, within one year, Asian Agri Group’s 14 affiliated companies paid a fine of twice the underpaid tax amount – 2 x Rp. 1.259.977.695.652,- = Rp. 2.519.955.391.304,-.

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(Hundreds of pages from the judgement containing lists of thousands of invoices and payments have been omitted in the translated version)


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