Luxembourg vs Lender Societe, July 2019, Cour Administratif, Case No 42083

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Lender Societe had acquired real estate in 2008 for EUR 26 million. The acquisition had been financed by a bank loan of EUR 20 million and a shareholder loan of EUR 6 million. The interest rate on the shareholder loan was set at 12%.

The Tax Authorities found that the “excessive” part of the interest paid on the shareholder loan was as a hidden distribution of profit subject to dividend withholding tax. The hidden profit distribution was calculated as the difference between an arm’s length interest rate set at approximately 3% and the interest rate according to the loan agreement of 12%.

Lender Societe disagreed with the assessment and brought the case before the Tribunal Administratif.

The Tribunal agreed with the Tax Authorities and qualified the excessive interest payments as a hidden profit distribution subject to a 15% dividend withholding tax.

The decision of the Tax Tribunal is affirmed by the Cour Administratif.



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Luxembourg vs S.A 17 July 2019 Case No 42043C


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