Netherlands vs. Swiss Corp, November 2019, Rechtbank Noord-Nederland, Case No. 2019:1492

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For the purpose of determining whether a Swiss Corporation had effectively been managed from the Netherlands or had a permanent establishment in the Netherlands, the Dutch tax authorities send a request for information.

The Swiss Corp was not willing to answer the request and argued that the request was disproportionate and that the concepts of “documents concerning decision-making with regard to important decisions” and “e-mail files” was and did not fit into the powers that an inspector has under Article 47 of the AWR.

Judgement of the Court
The court ruled in favor of the tax authorities.

The court did not find the tax authorities’ request for information disproportionate. Article 47 of the Awr requires the provision of factual information and information that may be relevant to taxation with respect to the taxpayer (cf. Supreme Court October 20, 2017, ECLI: NL: HR: 2017: 2654). In the opinion of the court, the defendant remained within those limits with his request to claimant to provide access to the entire, original administration in the broadest sense (see 1.6). In addition, a broad range of starting points with regard to the subjective tax liability of the plaintiff also justifies a broad question in this case.

The court passed the claim that requesting access to “documents concerning decision-making on important decisions” and “e-mail files” was open to multiple interpretations. However, in the view of the court, the mere circumstance that a request for information left some room for interpretation did not mean that it was not in accordance with the powers that the inspector has pursuant to Article 47 of the AWR.

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Netherlands vs 2019_1492

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