Norway vs New Wave Norway AS, March 2021, Court of Appeal, Case No LB-2020-10664

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New Wave Norway AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swedish New Wave Group AB. The group operates in the wholesale market for sports and workwear and gift and promotional items. It owns trademark rights to several well-known brands.

The sales companies – including New Wave Norway AS – pay a concept fee to New Wave Group AB, which passes on the fee to the concept-owning companies in the Group.

All trademark rights owned by the group are located in a separate company, New Wave Group Licensing SA, domiciled in Switzerland. For the use of the trademarks, the sales companies pay royalties to this company. There is also a separate company that handles purchasing and negotiations with the Asian producers, New Wave Group SA, also based in Switzerland. For the purchasing services from this company, the sales companies pay a purchasing fee (“sourcing fee”). Both the payment of royalties and the purchase fee are further regulated in the group’s transfer pricing document.

Following an audit, the Customs Directorate added the payment of concept fee to the price of the acquired products for customs purposes.

Decision of the Court

The Court of Appeal ruled that the Customs Directorate’s decision on determining the customs value for the import of clothing and gift items was invalid. There was no basis for including a paid “concept fee” in the customs value. The condition of payment of concept fee had no connection to the sellers of the goods, but sprang from the buyer’s own internal organization.


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