OECD COVID-19 TPG paragraph 99

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In other circumstances, more general revisions may be required, depending on the specific facts and circumstances of a case, where allowed by domestic law. For example, tax administrations could consider evaluating the results of the transfer pricing methodology specified by the APA over the period of the APA, rather than on an annual basis, i.e. a “term test”. This approach would aggregate the financial results of FY2020, which may be exceptional, with the more normal results of prior and future years. In combination with this, tax administrations could also consider extending the period covered by an APA. Tax administrations could consider segregating the terms of the APA between financial years affected and unaffected by COVID-19, or cancelling an existing APA for FY2020 and then renewing the APA in a future period, potentially on revised terms. Alternatively, tax administration could also consider aggregating the financial results from a series of covered transactions covered separately under an APA and assessing whether on aggregate they deliver an outcome consistent with the terms of the APA.

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