Poland vs CP Corp, September 2016, Supreme Administrative Court, Case No. II FSK 2299/14

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A Polish company were planning to enter into a inter-group cash pooling agreement. The cash pooling operation were to be managed by a foreign bank, which would open a group account as a basic account for Norwegien parent company, the pool leader.

The question was whether the taxation of interest payments made from the Polish company to the pool leader will apply art. 21 par. 3 of the Corporate Income Tax Act, as a result of which interest should be exempt from withholding tax, and if not – whether the taxation of the interest will apply art. 11 of the tax treaty between Norway and Poland.

In this judgement the Court stated that the cash pool leader cannot be regarded as the owner of all receivables paid to the group account, because it is not entitled to dispose of the interest in its sole discretion.

The judgement in this case is aligned with prior rulings of 11 June 2015, file ref. No. II FSK 1518/13, and of 2 March 2016, file ref. No. II FSK 3666/13.

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Poland Cash Pool 2016-09-16 II FSK 2299-14

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