Poland vs “Shopping Centre Developer sp.k.”, May 2019, Administrative Court, Case No III SA/Wa 1777/18

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A Polish company, “Shopping Centre Lender sp.k.”, had been granted three intra group loans in FY 2013 for EUR 2 million, EUR 115 million and EUR 43.5 million. The interest rate on the loans had been set at 9%.

The tax authorities found that the 9% interest rate was higher than the arm’s length rate and carried out its own analysis on the basis of the comparative data from 66 transactions.

In addition, data posted on the internet on the website of the National Bank of Poland was consulted. The summary showed that in the aforementioned period, the average interest rates applied by Polish financial institutions for loans granted to enterprises in EUR ranged from 2.4% to 3.6%.

Furthermore, by letters in April 2017 the tax authorities requested information from domestic financial institutions regarding the interest rates and commission rates for loans granted to commercial companies in the period from June 2013 to September 2014. The information received showed that the interest rates applied by the banks were set as the sum of: the EURIBOR base rate (usually three months) and the bank’s margin. Between June 2013 and September 2014, interest rates varied and ranged from 0.515% to 6.50%.

On the basis of the information received an assessment was issued where the interest rate on the three inter group loans had been lowered from 9% to 3.667% resulting in lower interest expenses and thus additional taxable income.

Shopping Centre Lender sp.k. filed an appeal with the Administrative Court claiming that the procedure for estimating income – determining the arm’s length interest rate – had not been followed correctly by the tax authority.

Judgement of the Administrative Court

The Administrative Court issued a judgement in favour of Shopping Centre Lender sp.k.

The Court found that the tax authorities procedure for estimating income had been in breach of the provisions of the Act and the Ordinance on transfer pricing adjustments.


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Poland vs A Lender May 2019 AC

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