ResMed Inc has entered a $381.7 million tax settlement agreement with the Australian Tax Office

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ResMed – a world-leading digital health company – in an October 2021 publication of results for the first quarter of FY 2022, informs that a $381.7 million tax settlement agreement has been entered with the Australian Tax Office.

The dispute concerns the years 2009 through 2018, in which the ATO alleged that ResMed should have paid additional Australian taxes on income derived from the company’s Singapore operations.

Excerpts from the announcement

Operating cash flow for the quarter was negative $65.7 million and was impacted by a payment to the Australian Tax Office of $284.8 million, which was the settlement amount of $381.7 million net of prior remittances.”

“During the quarter, concluded the settlement agreement with the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”), which fully resolves the transfer pricing dispute for all prior years since 2009. ResMed previously recognized a tax reserve in êscal year 2021 in anticipation of the settlement.

  • The net impact of the settlement was $238.7 million ($381.7 million gross less credits and deductions of $143.0 million). The settlement provides closure for historic Australian tax matters and greater clarity into the future.
  • As a result of the ATO settlement and due to movements in foreign currencies, recognized a $4.1 million reduction in tax credits during the quarter, which was recorded as an increase in income tax expense.

Back in 2015 ResMed rigorously defended its tax position in a submission to the Australien Senate Economics Reference Committee following an inquiry into Corporate Tax Avoidance practices.




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