Bristol-Myers Squibb in Dispute with IRS over “Abusive Offshore Scheme”

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According to the IRS, Bristol-Myers Squibb reduces its U.S. taxes by holding valuable intangibles in an Irish subsidiary.

In a legal analysis, the IRS concluded that the Irish scheme saves Bristol-Myers Squibb up to $1.38 billion in US taxes.

From Bristol-Myers Squibb’s 2019 10-K form, “Note 7. Income Taxes”

BMS is currently under examination by a number of tax authorities which have proposed or are considering proposing material adjustments to tax positions for issues such as transfer pricing, certain tax credits and the deductibility of certain expenses. It is reasonably possible that new issues will be raised by tax authorities which may require adjustments to the amount of unrecognized tax benefits; however, an estimate of such adjustments cannot reasonably be made at this time.

It is also reasonably possible that the total amount of unrecognized tax benefits at December 31, 2019 could decrease in the range of approximately $290 million to $330 million in the next twelve months as a result of the settlement of certain tax audits and other events.

The expected change in unrecognized tax benefits may result in the payment of additional taxes, adjustment of certain deferred taxes and/or recognition of tax benefits. The following is a summary of major tax jurisdictions for which tax authorities may assert additional taxes based upon tax years currently under audit and subsequent years that will likely be audited:

U.S. 2008 to 2019
Canada 2012 to 2019
France 2016 to 2019
Germany 2008 to 2019
Italy 2015 to 2019
Japan 2014 to 2019
Switzerland 2015 to 2019
UK 2012 to 2019



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