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Italy releases operational instructions on arm's length range and benchmarking.

Italy releases operational instructions on arm’s length range and benchmarking.

On 24 May 2022, the Italian Tax Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) released CIRCULAR NO. 16/E containing operational instructions on issues relating to application of the arm’s length range. The circular – which is based on the OECD transfer Pricing Guidelines, guidance on benchmark studies issued by the Joint Transfer Pricing Forum, and relevant Italian case laws – provides operational instructions regarding the correct interpretation of the notion of “arm’s length range”, as also specified in Article 6 of the Decree of 14 May 2018, when applying the provisions set forth in Article 110, paragraph 7, of the Consolidated Income Tax Act or of the provisions contained in the Double Taxation Treaties entered into by Italy in accordance with Article 9 of the OECD Model Convention. The operational instructions concludes as follows the correct application of the most appropriate transfer pricing method may, instead of a single value, lead to a range of values all complying with the arm’s length principle; ... Read more
Romania vs "A. Median S.R.L.", May 2022, High Court, Case No 2946/2022

Romania vs “A. Median S.R.L.”, May 2022, High Court, Case No 2946/2022

In this case “A. Median S.R.L.” had appealed a decision of the court of first instance where the income had been determined to the median value. According to the company the median is not the only value corresponding to the market value, when both the lower limit and the upper limit of the range of comparison in turn reflect the market value of the goods or services supplied. The provisions of Article 2.7 of the Guidelines were relied on in that regard. “…the assessment must be made in a manner which does not contravene Article 2.7 of the OECD Guidelines, that is to say, does not lead to overtaxation. However, given that the court of first instance assumed that the only value which may be taken into account in determining the transfer price is the median value, any other value within the margin established is excluded, which is contrary to the Tax Code and the OECD Guidelines.” The Tax authorities ... Read more