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Netherlands vs "Dividend B.V.", May 2022, District Court, Case No AWB-21_2426 (ECLI:NL:RBZWB:2022:2432)

Netherlands vs “Dividend B.V.”, May 2022, District Court, Case No AWB-21_2426 (ECLI:NL:RBZWB:2022:2432)

“Dividend B.V.” is the legal successor of a BV that has made (dividend) distributions. With respect to the distributions to a Luxembourg company (LuxCo), no Dutch dividend tax was withheld on the basis of the withholding tax exemption. Prior to the first distribution, the relevant shares in the BV were held by a limited partnership established in the Cayman Islands. This limited partnership transferred the shares in the BV to LuxCo in view of the first distribution. In the light of the T-Danmark judgment, the Court found that the tax authorities had proved that there had been an abuse of EU law, on the basis that without the use of LuxCo, a 15% withholding tax would have been due in the Netherlands, and after the use of LuxCo, this was not the case – based only on the formal conditions. The use of letter shares and preferred equity certificates avoided withholding tax in Luxembourg. LuxCo passed on 99.84% of the ... Read more
Netherlands vs "X S.à.r.l./B.V. ", January 2020, Supreme Court, Case No 18/00219 (ECLI:NL:HR:2020:21)

Netherlands vs “X S.à.r.l./B.V. “, January 2020, Supreme Court, Case No 18/00219 (ECLI:NL:HR:2020:21)

X S.à.r.l./B.V. filed corporate income tax returns for the year 2012 as a foreign taxpayer, declaring a taxable profit and a taxable amount of nil. No dividend distribution had been declared for income tax purposes Following an audit, the tax authorities included the dividend distribution in the taxable income and tax was levied on the dividend distribution at a rate of 2.5 per cent. In dispute before the Supreme Court was whether the dividend distribution was taxable to the X S.à.r.l./B.V. under Section 17(3) opening words and (b) of the Act. The dispute centred on the questions (i) whether X S.à.r.l./B.V. held the substantial interest in Holding with the main purpose or as one of the main purposes to avoid the levying of income tax or dividend tax on the DGA, and (ii) whether this substantial interest was not part of the business assets of X S.à.r.l./B.V.. Depending on the answers to those questions, the dispute was whether levying corporate ... Read more
Germany vs Cyprus Ltd, June 2018, BFH judgment Case No IR 94/15

Germany vs Cyprus Ltd, June 2018, BFH judgment Case No IR 94/15

The Bundesfinanzhof confirmed prior case law according to which the provisions on hidden deposits and hidden profit distributions must be observed in the context of the additional taxation. On the question of economic activity of the controlled foreign company, the Bundesfinanzhof refers to the ruling of the European Court of Justice concerning Cadbury-Schweppes from 2006. According to paragraphs §§ 7 to 14 in the Außensteuergesetz (AStG) profits from controlled foreign companies without business activity can be taxed in Germany. In the case at hand the subsidiary was located in a rented office in Cyprus and employed a resident managing director. Her job was to handle correspondence with clients, to carry out and supervise payment transactions, manage business records and keep records. She was also entrusted with obtaining book licenses to order these sub-licenses for the benefit of three of Russia’s and Ukraine’s affiliates, which distributed the books in the Russian-speaking market. The license income earned by subsidiary was taxed at ... Read more