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Portugal vs "M Fastfood S.A", April 2021, Tribunal Central Administrativo Sul, Case No 1331/09

Portugal vs “M Fastfood S.A”, April 2021, Tribunal Central Administrativo Sul, Case No 1331/09

“M Fastfood S.A” was incorporated as a subsidiary company of an entity not resident in Portuguese territory, M Inc., a company with registered office in the United States. “M Fastfood S.A” had obtained financing from M Inc. for investment in its commercial activity, which resulted in indebtedness totalling EUR 74,000,000.00. The activity of “M Fastfood S.A” is “the opening, assembling, promotion, management, administration, purchase, sale, rental, leasing and cession of exploration of restaurants, for which purpose it may acquire or grant licenses or sub-licenses and enter into franchise contracts. It also includes the purchase, sale, rental, administration and ownership of urban buildings and the acquisition, transfer, exploitation and licensing of copyrights, trademarks, patents and industrial and commercial secrets and, in general, any industrial property rights”. “M Fastfood S.A” was in a situation of excessive indebtedness towards that entity, in light of the average equity capital presented by it in 2004, on 27 January 2005 it submitted a request to the ... Read more