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Germany vs "Import GmbH", October 2022, FG München, Case No 14 K 588/20

Germany vs “Import GmbH”, October 2022, FG München, Case No 14 K 588/20

The customs value declared by “Import GmbH” of the goods imported from related parties X, Y and Z was in dispute. In the course of a customs audit, the customs office (Hauptzollamt, HZA) found that Y had invoiced “Import GmbH” for subsequent debit amounts of EUR (…) for 2015, EUR (…) for 2016 and EUR (…) for 2017. These were based on a Distribution Agreement of (…) concluded between “Import GmbH” and Y, according to which “Import GmbH” undertook to purchase products from the latter and to sell them in the defined distribution area. With the 1st Supplementary Agreement of (…), supplies from affiliated companies of the group company were also included in this agreement and thus, inter alia, also the supplies from Z. With the second supplementary agreement of the same date, it was stipulated that “Import GmbH” should receive an “agreed margin” which was described as customary for third parties. According to the agreement, the margin resulted from ... Read more