OECD's Manual on Effective Mutual Agreement Procedures (MEMAP)

OECD’s Manual on Effective Mutual Agreement Procedures (MEMAP)

The OECD Manual on Effective Mutual Agreement Procedures (MEMAP) is part of a broader project to improve the functioning of existing international tax dispute procedures and to develop supplementary dispute resolution mechanisms. More information about the project, the proposed supplementary dispute resolution mechanism, and other suggested improvements to the Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP) process can be found at www.oecd.org under Dispute Resolution. The Manual is intended as a guide to increase awareness of the MAP process and how it should function. It will provide tax administrations and taxpayers with basic information on the operation of MAP and identify best practices for MAP without imposing a set of binding rules upon Member countries. The following points are important elements to consider in understanding the status of the manual and its interaction with other OECD guidance: The manual does not, and is not intended to, modify, restrict or expand any rights or obligations contained in the provision of any tax convention. Information ... Continue to full case