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Germany vs "Wind-farm PE", November 2021, Bundesfinanzhof, Case No I B 44/21

Germany vs “Wind-farm PE”, November 2021, Bundesfinanzhof, Case No I B 44/21

In 2011 a permanent establishment (PE) of a Danish company was established for income tax purposes in Germany in the form of an offshore wind farm. The PE had no employees of its own either in Germany or in Denmark. The technical and commercial management was carried out by two German service and management companies on the basis of management and service contracts. In 2013 the tax authorities issued an assessment related to taxation of assets which, according to allocation principles in the new AOA (significant people functions), would no longer be allocated to Germany. The tax authorities held that allocation of assets to the permanent establishment is determined on the basis of personnel functions exercised in the permanent establishment. If no personnel functions were carried out in the permanent establishment no assets were to be allocated to it. In the tax authorities view, this meant that the wind turbines previously allocated to the domestic permanent establishment as of 1 ... Read more