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Korea vs "IP developer", June 2022, Tax Court, Case No 2022-0014

Korea vs “IP developer”, June 2022, Tax Court, Case No 2022-0014

The issue was whether “technical fees” received after a purported “transfer of patent rights” instead constituted business income – royalties – earned from continuous and recurring activities for profit and therefore subject to a higher income tax and VAT. During an audit, the tax authority found that “IP developer” had entered into a “technology transfer agreement” with a related party to transfer patent rights on four occasions between 2008 and 2020. Upon entering into the agreement, “IP developer” was to receive a “technology fee” of 5% of the annual sales of the subject technology. “IP developer” had registered a total of 78 patents, 8 design rights and 15 trademark rights, and had also entered license agreements with third parties and received income from these agreements in the form of royalty. On that basis the tax authorities considered that “IP developer” was engaged in the continuous and repeated act of licensing patent rights, and therefore the “technical fees” in question constituted ... Read more