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Switzerland vs "A SA", July 2021, Federal Supreme Court, Case No 2C_80/2021

Switzerland vs “A SA”, July 2021, Federal Supreme Court, Case No 2C_80/2021

In this case, the Swiss tax authorities had refused to refund A SA withholding tax on an amount of the so-called distributable reserves. The refund was denied based on the Swiss “Old Reserves-doctrin”. “…the doctrine relates the existence of the practice of the Federal Tax Administration of 15 November 1990, known as the “purchase of a full wallet” (“Kauf eines vollen Portemonnaies” or the “old reserves” practice… According to this practice, “tax avoidance is deemed to have occurred when a holding company based in Switzerland buys all the shares of a company based in Switzerland with substantial reserves from persons domiciled (or having their seat) abroad at a price higher than their nominal value, …” The doctrin is applied by the tax authorities based on a schematic asset/liability test: if there are distributable reserves/retained earnings prior to the transfer of shares from a jurisdiction with a higher residual withholding tax to a jurisdiction with a lower one, the previous higher ... Read more