TPG2022 Chapter II Annex II example 3

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10. Company A and Company B are members of an MNE group that sells electronic appliances. For the launch of a new line of products, Company A will be responsible for its design, development and manufacturing whereas Company B will undertake the marketing functions and the global distribution of the goods.
11. In particular, Company A performs the research and development functions and decides on the lines of research and the timelines. For the manufacturing of the new line of products, Company A decides on the levels of production and performs the quality controls. In doing so, Company A uses its valuable know-how and expertise regarding the manufacturing of electronic appliances.
12. Once the products are manufactured, they are sold to Company B, which develops and executes cutting-edge global marketing activities relating to the new line of products. In particular, Company B is responsible for designing the marketing strategy, deciding on the level of marketing expenditure in each country where the products will be released, and validating the impact of the marketing campaigns on a monthly basis. The marketing activities performed by Company B result in a valuable trademark and associated goodwill by which the new line of products is favourably differentiated from competitors’ alternatives in the market.
13. Company B is also responsible for the global distribution of the products. The distribution activities performed by Company B are a key source of economic advantage over competitors. Company B has performed the R&D activities and assumed the risks associated with the development of a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to get feedback from customers on the performance of the products. This information is highly valuable in accurately forecasting demand and managing inventory and distribution logistics so that customers are assured of receiving their orders within 48 hours.
14. The accurate delineation of the transaction indicates that the contributions of Company A and Company B are unique and valuable to the potential success of the new line of products.
15. Under these circumstances, the transactional profit split method is likely to be the most appropriate method for determining the compensation for the products sold by Company A to Company B as both parties make unique and valuable contributions to the transaction.



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