TPG2022 Chapter IV Annex II paragraph 56

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The aim of this stage of the MAP APA process is for the participating competent authorities to have all relevant information, data, and analyses they need for the negotiations. Where one tax administration obtains additional information from the taxpayer relevant to the subject of the MAP APA, for example at a meeting with the taxpayer’s staff, both the taxpayer and the tax administration should ensure the information reaches the other participating tax administration(s). The relevant competent authorities should arrange, amongst themselves and the taxpayers, for an appropriate mechanism to corroborate the completeness and details of documents and information supplied by the taxpayer(s). The requirements of the participating competent authorities should be respected. For example, many jurisdictions require that not only is the same factual information provided to all participating competent authorities but that it should, as far as is practicable, be made available at the same time.

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