TPG2022 Chapter IV Annex II paragraph 74

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In general, the consequences of non-compliance with the terms and conditions of a MAP APA, or the failure to meet a critical assumption, will turn on a) the terms of the MAP APA, b) any further agreement between the competent authorities as to how to deal with such non- compliance or failure, and c) any applicable domestic law or procedural provisions. That is, the MAP APA itself may explicitly prescribe procedures to follow, or describe the consequences that will arise, in situations of non- compliance or failure. In such situations, the competent authorities may, at their discretion, enter into discussions of what action to take on a case by case basis. Finally, domestic law or procedural provisions may impose consequences or obligations on the taxpayer and affected tax administration. The following paragraphs provide suggested guidelines similar to procedures that have been adopted in some jurisdictions and which have, on the whole, proved workable. It should be emphasised, however, that some tax administrations may wish to adopt different procedures and approaches.

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