TPG2022 Chapter IV paragraph 4.147

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An APA may cover all of the transfer pricing issues of a taxpayer (as is preferred by some countries) or may provide a flexibility to the taxpayer to limit the APA request to specified affiliates and intercompany transactions. An APA would apply to prospective years and transactions and the actual term would depend on the industry, products or transactions involved. The associated enterprises may limit their request to specified prospective tax years. An APA can provide an opportunity to apply the agreed transfer pricing methodology to resolve similar transfer pricing issues in open prior years. However, this application would require the agreement of the tax administration, the taxpayer, and, where appropriate, the treaty partner. Element 2.7 of the Action 14 minimum standard states that countries with bilateral APA programmes should provide for the roll- back of APAs (to previous filed tax years not included within the original scope of the APA) in appropriate cases, subject to the applicable time limits (such as domestic law statutes of limitation for assessments) where the relevant facts and circumstances in the earlier tax years are the same and subject to the verification of these facts and circumstances on audit.

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