TPG2022 Chapter VI paragraph 6.188

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In response to the considerations discussed above, this section contains an approach consistent with the arm’s length principle that tax administrations can adopt to ensure that tax administrations can determine in which situations the pricing arrangements as set by the taxpayers are at arm’s length and are based on an appropriate weighting of the foreseeable developments or events that are relevant for the valuation of certain hard-to-value intangibles, and in which situations this is not the case. Under this approach, ex post evidence provides presumptive evidence as to the existence of uncertainties at the time of the transaction, whether the taxpayer appropriately took into account reasonably foreseeable developments or events at the time of the transaction, and the reliability of the information used ex ante in determining the transfer price for the transfer of such intangibles or rights in intangibles. Such presumptive evidence may be subject to rebuttal as stated in paragraphs 6.193 and 6.194, if it can be demonstrated that it does not affect the accurate determination of the arm’s length price. This situation should be distinguished from the situation in which hindsight is used by taking ex post results for tax assessment purposes without considering whether the information on which the ex post results are based could or should reasonably have been known and considered by the associated enterprises at the time the transaction was entered into.

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