US vs Reserve Mechanical Corp, June 2018, US Tax Court, Case No. T.C. Memo 2018-86

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The issues were whether transactions executed by the company constituted insurance contracts for Federal income tax purposes and therefore, whether Reserve Mechanical Corp was exempt from tax as an “insurance company”. For that purpose the relevant factors for a captive insurance to exist was described by the court.

According to the court in determining whether an entity is a bona fide insurance company a number of factors must be considered, including:

(1) whether it was created for legitimate nontax reasons;
(2) whether there was a circular flow of funds;
(3) whether the entity faced actual and insurable risk;
(4) whether the policies were arm’s-length contracts;
(5) whether the entity charged actuarially determined premiums;
(6) whether comparable coverage was more expensive or even available;
(7) whether it was subject to regulatory control and met minimum statutory requirements;
(8) whether it was adequately capitalized; and
(9) whether it paid claims from a separately maintained account.

US v Reserve Medical Corp TCMemo_2018-86

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