India vs Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt. Ltd., May 2019, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, Case No ITA No.641/PUN/2017

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According to Amphenol Interconnect the TNMM was the most appropriate method for determining the arm’s length price in respect of exports and import of goods from the related parties. And since the net profit margin of Amphenol was comparable to the net profit margin of the comparable companies, the transactions were at arm’s length.

The tax authorities disagreed and issued an assessment for FY 2012-2013 where the controlled transactions had instead been priced using the CUP method.

Judgement of the Tribunal

The Tribunal decided in favor of Amphenol.


The Hon’ble High Court after analyzing the issues at length has held that CUP method would not be the most appropriate method in view of various adjustments, which would have to be made due to differences in FAR, in order to arrive at the arm’s length price of finished goods. The Hon’ble High Court notes that the Tribunal had taken into account the fact that for overwhelming majority of exports to associated enterprises, the TPO has accepted the TNMM method for arriving at the arm’s length price and hence, there was no reason why for balance of export of finished goods, TNMM method should not be applied. Similar direction was also given in respect of imports of finished goods, which were sold to third parties and the associated enterprises and by applying FAR analysis, it was held that where the finished goods were customized goods and the geographical differences, volume differences, timing differences, risk differences and functional differences were there, then CUP method would not be the most appropriate method to determine arm’s length price. The TNMM method was held to be most appropriate method. Further, the Hon’ble High Court has applied similar reasoning while deciding appeal of assessee relating to assessment year 2005-06 in ITA No.1388/2015, vide judgment dated 18.04.2018 and the appeal of Revenue has been dismissed. In the totality of the above said facts and circumstances, where the issue stands covered by the order of jurisdictional High Court in the case of assessee itself, there is no merit in the orders of authorities below in making aforesaid transfer pricing adjustment in the hands of assessee both with respect to exports to associated enterprises and with respect to imports from associated enterprises. It may be pointed out that majority of transactions have been accepted to be at arm’s length price by the TPO by applying TNMM method, only in respect of few transactions, the TPO had applied CUP method. There is no merit in the order of TPO in this regard and reversing the final order passed by Assessing Officer, we allow the claim of assessee and direct the Assessing Officer to delete the transfer pricing adjustment made in the hands of assessee. The grounds of appeal No.2 and 3 are thus, allowed. The grounds of appeal No.4 to 6 are academic as pointed out by the learned Authorized Representative for the assessee and the same are dismissed.

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