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Category: Services and Fees

Management fees are usually payments from subsidiaries for head office services. Management fees have been used to shift income from high tax to low tax jurisdictions. For transfer pricing practitioners it is important to establish the facts and supporting documentation substantiating that management services are actually being performed. The mere description of a payment as a “management fee” should not be expected to be treated as prima facie evidence that such services have been rendered.

Wheaton Precious Metals Reaches Settlement on Canadian Tax Dispute Regarding Foreign Income

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. has reached a settlement with the Canada Revenue Agency which provides for a final resolution of Wheaton’s tax appeal in connection with the reassessment under transfer pricing rules of the 2005 to 2010 taxation years related to income generated by the Company’s wholly-owned foreign subsidiaries, Wheaton International, outside of Canada. Wheaton is the leading company in the precious metals streaming business, essentially providing up-front financing to mining companies looking to build […]

Finland vs Loss Corp, December 2017, Administrative Court, Case no 17/0979/4

In this case the Finnish tax authorities had made a transfer pricing adjustment to a Finnish marketing and sales subsidiary with continuous losses. The tax authorities had identified a “hidden” services transaction between the Finnish subsidiary and an unidentified foreign group company. The Administrative Court ruled in favor of the tax authorities. The adjustment was not considered by the Court as a recharacterisation. Reference was made to TPG 2010, paragraphs 1.34, 1.42 to 1.49, 1.64, […]

Finland vs Corp, September 2017, HFD:2017:145

Ruling by the Finnish Supreme Administrative Court on enterprise resource planning and intra-group services arrangements. A Oyj had provided its subsidiaries with supply chain services, marketing and brand management services as well as personnel and computer services. The services offered by A Plc mainly consisted in the coordination and harmonization of the Group’s operations. A’s turnover consisted almost exclusively of the service fees received from the sale of these administrative services. As a service charge, […]

Finland vs Corp, Sep. 2017, HFD No. 2017-146

Ruling by the Finnish Supreme Administrative Court on a service provider’s obligation to add a mark-up on its costs when calculating an arm’s length service charge. A Plc had provided services to it’s subsidiaryes related to supply chains, marketing and product brand management services, and human resource management services and adb services. Most of A Plc’s income consisted of these service. The amount invoiced corresponded to the servide “production cost”. No mark-up had been added. […]

New Zealand vs Honk Land Trustee Limited, 10 March 2017, Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal upheld decisions of the High Court confirming the Commissioner of Inland Revenue’s disallowance of a $1,116,000 management fee for income tax purposes. The Court of Appeal dismissed Honk Land Trustees Limited’s (“HLT”) appeal on the following alternative grounds: (1) there was no satisfactory evidence to show that management services were in fact provided; (2) there was no sufficient nexus shown; and (3) in the event the management fees were deductible, they […]

India vs. Gap International Sourcing Pvt. Ltd., May 2016, ITA No.1077/Del./2016

Gap International Sourcing was engaged in sourcing products from India to other group companies. The activity comprised of assistance in identification of vendors, provision of assistance to vendors in procurement of apparel, inspection and quality control and coordination with vendors to ensure delivery of goods to group companies. The necessary technical and intellectual basis for provision of these services were provided by the group companies. The Indian company used TNMM to benchmark the service fee […]

India vs. Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd. March 2016, ITTA

Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd., Hong Kong, entered into contracts with its global third party customers for provision of sourcing services with respect to products to be sourced by such global customers directly from third party vendors in India. For the sourcing services, the Hong Kong company received a 5% commission of the FOB value of goods sourced. The company in India was providing sourcing support services to the Hong Kong group company, and remunerated at cost plus 5 percent […]

France vs. Sté Property Investment Holding, 9 December 2015, CE No 367897

In the case of Sté Property Investment Holding a French company deducted fees paid for management services provided by a foreign related company. The court indicated that, even if the recharge concerned fees charged by subcontractors of the foreign company, the French company could only deduct the fees if it could prove that the services provided were real, the services were not duplicates, and the price of the services complied with the arm’s length principle. […]

Italy vs Alfa Gomma SUD s.r.l. July 2014, Supreme Court 16480

This case was about tax deductibility of service costs charged to an Italien company by an European Cost Centre within the group. The Supreme Court stated that it is necessary to give evidence that the Italian company have actually received a service and that this service is objectively definable and documented. The Court ruled in favor of the tax administration. Click here for translation Share:

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