OECD COVID-19 TPG paragraph 8

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Against this background, taxpayers and tax administrations should carefully follow the guidance on the accurate delineation of controlled transactions in Chapter I of the OECD TPG to identify with specificity the economically significant risks and to determine the specific economically significant risks that each party to a controlled transaction assumes.5 Therefore, the interplay between the COVID-19 hazard risk and other economically significant risks should be evaluated when considering risk assumption in a particular controlled transaction. In undertaking this analysis, it may be determined that a party to a controlled transaction cannot influence the hazard risk associated with a pandemic, but nevertheless assumes other risks that have materialised as a result of COVID-19. Care must also be taken to determine how the associated enterprises and the group as a whole respond to the manifestation of hazard risks and its subsequent effects on the other economically significant risks identified in the controlled transaction. (See paragraphs 1.34 and 1.35 of Chapter I of the OECD TPG). In particular, the widespread effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in an industry or within an MNE group do not suffice to claim that a member of an MNE group has to bear the consequences of risks materialising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic without an analysis of how the outcome of the economically significant risks controlled by the member of the group has been affected by the pandemic.

5 Paragraphs 1.59-1.60 of Chapter I of the OECD TPG.


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