Canada vs. Skechers USA Canada Inc. March 2015, Federal Court of Appeal

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In this case the Federal Court of Appeal upheld the decision of the Canadian International Trade Tribunal in which the tribunal upheld seven decisions – one for each of the years 2005 through 2011 – of the Canada Border Services Agency under subsection 60(4) of Canada’s Customs Act.

Skechers Canada, a subsidiary of Skechers USA, purchases footwear to sell in Canada from its parent at a price equal to the price paid by Skechers US to its manufacturers, the cost of shipping the foodware to the US and warehousing, and an arm’s length profit.

Skechers Canada also makes payments to Skechers US pursuant to a cost sharing agreement to compensate the parent for activities associated with the development and maintenance of the Skechers brand and to the creation and sale of footwear.

The Court ruled that CSA payments relating to research, design, and development (R&D) were “in respect of” the goods sold for export into Canada and thus part of the “price paid or payable” for the goods for customs purposes. As a result, Skechers Canada must add the amounts of these payments made to Skechers USA to the customs value of imported footwear supplied by its parent.

In its conclusion, the Court found that the conclusion reached by CITT “falls within the range of possible, acceptable outcomes, defensible in respect of the facts and the law.”



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