Israel vs CA Software Israel Ltd, October 2022, Tel Aviv District Court, Case No 61226-06-17

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The shares in Memco Software Ltd (now CA Software Israel Ltd) was acquired by CA Inc. in the late 90’s for 400 millions. Later in 2010 all the intangibles developed by the company (software and know-how etc.) was transferred to a CA group company at a price of 111 millions.

Following an audit the tax authorities issued an assessment where the value of the intangibles was instead determined to be 667 million and the additional gain was added to the taxable income. Furthermore, since payment of the determined arm’s length value had not been received by CA Software Israel Ltd, interest of 2,2585% was calculated on the amount owed and added to the taxable income in the years following the transfer.

An appeal was filed by CA Software Israel Ltd.

Judgement of the Court

The court upheld the tax assessment and the value determined by the tax authorities.

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