OECD publishes Guidance on the Handling of Multilateral MAPs and APAs

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1 February 2023 OECD published guidance on Multilateral MAP and APAs. The Manual is intended as a guide to multilateral MAP and APA processes from both a legal and procedural perspective and provides tax administrations and taxpayers with information on the operation of these procedures and suggests different approaches based on the practices of jurisdictions, without imposing a set of binding rules.

The Manual is divided into the following sections:

Introduction: This section comprises the outline of the project, the challenges that generally arise in multilateral cases and the overview of experiences of Focus group members based on their responses to the survey.

Basis for handling multilateral MAP and APA cases: This section contains guidance on the definition of a multilateral case, the legal basis for handling multilateral cases, the request filed in multilateral cases and the connection between access to multilateral procedures and the Action 14 minimum standard.

Procedural aspects to consider in multilateral cases: This section contains guidance on approaching the other jurisdictions concerned in multilateral cases, possible approaches to discussions, the coordination of procedural matters, the modalities of discussions, the interaction of available domestic remedies or procedures with multilateral cases, the implementation of agreements arising from these cases, arbitration where there is no MAP agreement and the rights and the obligations and role of the taxpayer.

Examples of multilateral cases: A number of representative, simplified examples of transactions that would generally benefit from multilateral solutions

Ideal timeline for a typical multilateral case: Indicative timelines for each step of a multilateral MAP or APA case in line with the guidance provided in the Manual.

The Manual allows tax administrations to explore whether implementation of these procedures is appropriate considering the circumstances of their own MAP and APA programmes and to consider whether the guidance therein may be incorporated in their domestic guidance on MAP or APA processes to provide additional clarity. The Manual also outlines the actions and cooperation expected from taxpayers to allow tax administrations to consider MAP and APA cases multilaterally.


OECD - Multilateral MAP and APA

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