Japan vs. “Metal Plating Corp”, February 2020, Tokyo District Court, Case No 535 of Heisei 27 (2008)

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“Metal Plating Corp” is engaged in manufacturing and selling plating chemicals and had entered into a series of controlled transactions with foreign group companies granting licenses to use intangibles (know-how related to technology and sales) – and provided technical support services by sending over technical experts. The company had used a CUP method to price these transactions based on “internal comparables”.

The tax authorities found that the amount of the consideration paid to “Metal Plating Corp” for the licenses and services had not been at arm’s length and issued an assessment where the residual profit split method was applied to determine the taxable profit for the fiscal years FY 2007-2012.

“Metal Plating Corp” on its side held that it was inappropriate to use a residual profit split method and that there were errors in the calculations performed by the tax authorities.

Judgement of the Court

The Court dismissed the appeal of “Metal Plating Corp” and affirmed the assessment made by the Japanese tax authority.

On the company’s use of the CUP method the Court concluded that there were significant differences between the controlled transactions and the selected “comparable” transactions in terms of licences, services and the circumstances under which the transactions were took place. Therefore the CUP method was not the most appropriate method to price the controlled transactions.

The Court recognised that “Metal Plating Corp” had intangible assets created by its research and development activities. The Court also recognised that the subsidiaries had created intangible assets by penetrating regional markets and cultivating and maintaining customer relationships.

The Court found the transactions should be aggregated and that the price should be determined for the full packaged deal – not separately for each transaction.

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