TPG2022 Chapter VI paragraph 6.146

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Where reliable comparable uncontrolled transactions can be identified, the CUP method can be applied to determine the arm’s length conditions for a transfer of intangibles or rights in intangibles. The general principles contained in paragraphs 2.14 to 2.26 apply when the CUP method is used in connection with transactions involving the transfer of intangibles. Where the CUP method is utilised in connection with the transfer of intangibles, particular consideration must be given to the comparability of the intangibles or rights in intangibles transferred in the controlled transaction and in the potential comparable uncontrolled transactions. The economically relevant characteristics or comparability factors described in Section D. 1 of Chapter I should be considered. The matters described in Sections D.2. 1 to D.2.4 of this chapter are of particular importance in evaluating the comparability of specific transferred intangibles and in making comparability adjustments, where possible. It should be recognised that the identification of reliable comparables in many cases involving intangibles may be difficult or impossible.

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